Vulnerable TopCon Retina Cameras

The following TopCon medical equipment may be running the no longer supported Windows XP operating system and are vulnerable to attack by viruses, ransomware and cyber attacks like WannaCry:TopCon TRC

  • TopCon TRC 50x
  • TopCon TRC 50 DX
  • TopCon TRC 50 EX
  • TopCon TRC NW6
  • TopCon TRC NW6s
  • TopCon TRC NW8
  • TopCon TRC NW8F
  • TopCon TRC-NW200
  • TopCon TRC-NW300

(Please note that this is not an exclusive list and may not be valid for your installation.  Check with your IT provider, the manufacturer or give us a call)

If you have one or more of these pieces of equipment, your equipment is vulnerable to attack that can compromise the system and offer an open door to attack any computers, servers or other equipment connected to the same network.


Learn more about the threats    Protect your legacy cameras

To protect these devices your other systems, consider disconnecting these cameras from the network and the internet.  If you use USB flash drives to transfer files, make certain that are scanned for viruses frequently and are not used on other non-critical, non-secure computers.

If you want to access the scans and other data safely, contact us about solutions that shields the camera and your office network from viruses, ransomware and cyber attacks like WannaCry, backs up your camera automatically and gives your remote access to your images.